Month: March 2013

Water Cooler Lessons: Mentoring Matters

Learning the ropes as a college freshman, Ryan discovered one sure thing – having a mentor could make all the difference. “I had just started school when my finance professor sat me down and showed me the resumes of seniors. He told me that by the time I was a senior, my resume should look like theirs.” Advertisements


Water Cooler Lessons: Meet people where they are

Megan was new on the job as a high school English teacher said when she found herself puzzled by what was happening in the classroom. “I used to get so upset when a student reacted negatively towards me and what I was trying to teach,” she remarked. She started questioning her own abilities. The advice I learned from a fellow…


C’mon spring – You can do it! Believe it!

Tulip you can do it


Water Cooler Lessons: Are you listening?

The people you work with can teach you a lot about what it takes to succeed. One of the best lessons I ever learned was taught to me by somebody who was more than just my supervisor. She was somebody that I admired. While that’s good enough reason to pay attention to how she did things, it was how she…

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