Month: April 2013

5 important lessons learned on a tour of Google Pittsburgh

Last week, I took a group of high school students on a tour of Google Pittsburgh. The goal was simple. Give these students an experience that would change their perception of the workplace and their role in it. There’s probably no better place to do that than at Google. The lessons we learned along the tour made it easy to…


The Heroes of Boston

Emerging from the chaos and smoke at the Boston Marathon were profound images of people rushing to the aid of victims. In a split second – runners, bystanders, race volunteers and first responders became rescuers – and heroes. What is it that people possess that compels them to run towards danger to save another person’s life?


Water Cooler Lessons: Care about everything you do

Long before Paul Ruggieri became a 21 time Emmy Award winning television photojournalist, he was a high school student on a mission. “A teacher, Mr. Orlando, put a camera in my hand and asked me to take photos for the yearbook. That’s when I discovered a path to a career. I started thinking about how great it would be if…