Month: July 2013

5 good reasons to smile at someone you don’t know

Smiling – It comes so easily to kids.They light up a room with their smile and connect so easily with other kids. In our fast paced “grown up” world, we’ve got phones and every electronic device commanding our attention. Far too often, we become polarized. But it doesn’t have to be that way. The next time you’re out and about,…


People who Inspire: Gary Wandel on making life an adventure

Gary Wandel lives life on the edge. Make that the edge of a 220 foot water fall in Costa Rica. It’s a little something he repelled down right after descending a 150 foot waterfall. But it wasn’t the feet this retired math teacher was adding up as he was going down. It was just another great adventure. The kind that…


People who Inspire: Cait Cuneo on finding her voice

Cait Cuneo is a rising star. And on her journey to music fame, she’s bringing along a message for fans. “It’s the mistakes you make and the opportunities you take that allow you to grow as a person,” she said. This “can do” theme is echoed in a sophisticated and smooth blend of Hip Hop, R & B, and Jazz,…