Month: September 2013

5 things teaching a high school class taught me

When I was invited by my high school alma mater to guest teach two classes on public speaking, I was ready – or so I thought. I brought along my “10 Simple Steps to Becoming a Confident Public Speaker” and some activities to challenge students. I thought I could teach them a few things from my experience. It turns out,…


People who Inspire: Janet Bryner on a mission to stop kidney disease in its tracks

Janet Bryner is on a mission to find a cure for a disease that affects 600,000 people in the US. Most people don’t even know it exists. It’s Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD) and she knows it all too well. PKD causes clusters of fluid-filled cysts to develop within the kidneys, ultimately causing them to fail. There is no cure. Janet’s…