Month: January 2014

People who Inspire: Emily’s Update

  Last week, my People who Inspire post was about Emily Ruggieri, the six year old Girl Scout with a goal so big it would take an entire country to get her there. Her Girl Scout Troop #26683 has chosen Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh (CHP) to be the recipient of cookies from their annual cookie sale. Through the Girl Scout…


People who Inspire: Emily Ruggieri on her goal to deliver smiles and 1,584 Girl Scout cookies

Emily Ruggieri is a six year old Girl Scout on a mission to deliver more than cookies to patients at Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh. She wants to bring kids hope and a smile too from every state in America. What started out as the annual Girl Scout cookie sale with her troop, #28863, in southwestern Pennsylvania, has taken on a…


Turning a New Year’s resolution into a goal

What’s better than making a New Year’s resolution? Making it a goal instead. “A resolution is a solution to a problem”. That’s what Dr. Caroline Cederquist, medical director for bistroMD and the Cederquist Medical Wellness Center shared in a CNN report. Breaking the word down, she said, “It’s ‘solution’, meaning you are solving a problem, with a prefix ‘re’, which…