Month: February 2014

People who Inspire: Ted and Phyllis Kovall on the fight to save Finley’s sight

Phyllis and Ted Kovall know what it takes to win a race. Ted is the president of the Yough Trail Council, a western Pennsylvania bike trail that spans 23 miles. Phyllis is a competitive runner who does 5K walking treks through her neighborhood five days a week. These retired teachers know that it takes hard work, determination, and staying focused…


Life lessons learned on my first job with the Pittsburgh Steelers

I remember my first day on the job like it was yesterday. It was a cold November morning in 1984 and the sun was shining. Recently graduated from college with a degree in Communications, I was about to embark on an unexpected journey serving in the Pittsburgh Steelers front office as secretary to the president, Mr. Dan Rooney. The first…


Sydney’s five pet choices for a happier life

Given the choice to lie on the hardwood floor or on the plush carpet, our dog Sydney will choose the carpet every time. And she’ll bring along her favorite toys, positioning them in a way that assures they’ll be there when she wakes up from her nap. Sydney is making a choice to be happy and to surround herself with…