Month: March 2014

A Tribute to Lucille Ball’s Unstompable Spirit

Remember the I Love Lucy episode in which a famous Italian director casts Lucy in his movie called “Bitter Grapes”? She assumes the movie is about wine making and sets out into the countryside to immerse herself in the role. It doesn’t take long for Lucy to find a vineyard and is quickly put to work in a vat stomping…


Rising to the challenge: What a high school student can teach us about success

Valerie is like a crocus making her way up through the debris of winter. The high school senior could have stayed in that place that kept her out of the light. It would have been easy. Putting forth no effort, she skipped school, got suspended and was failing most of her classes. She didn’t expect anything of herself so she…


A tribute to 15 co-workers and their lessons of leadership

This is a tribute to co-workers. They’re the cast of characters that mold us, move us, humor us, and help us grow. They’re part of our lives for the better part of every day. We depend on each other because we’re a team and because what we do matters. Television portrays those relationships in very colorful lights. What’s real about…