Month: July 2014

People Who Inspire: Jaynette Brown on how she got through 52 cancer treatments

Jaynette profile with Luca

One year ago, Jaynette Brown was enjoying 10 mile bike rides and daily walks with her yellow lab, Belle. Staying active and being outdoors was how she wanted to spend her time – not at a routine medical test when she was feeling fine.

“I had four or five mammogram appointments scheduled over a span of three years, but I kept rescheduling them so that I could be on the bike trail. But then I noticed when I laid on my stomach, it would hurt on my left breast. I felt a lump. That’s when I found my mammogram order from two months before and scheduled a test. Continue reading


5 leadership lessons learned on a zipline

I did something this weekend that took me outside of my comfort zone. After suiting up with harnesses and learning the safety rules, I trekked with my group up a hill then climbed a rope to a platform 50 feet in the air that swayed in the wind – on purpose.

That’s where we jumped off to sail through the air at Seven Springs Mountain Resort on a zipline. I had thought about it for the past year and decided it was time to take the leap of faith – and just do it.

Not only did it I grow from the experience; it taught me lessons of leadership I was able to bring home. Continue reading

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