Month: August 2014

People Who Inspire: Gary Wandel on the adventure of life without limits

Gary Wandel at grand canyon cropped

Gary Wandel is a retired high school Calculus teacher who experiences life without limits. It’s a perspective this world traveler carries with him on every adventure – whether he’s skydiving in Kittanning, PA or exploring the recesses of the Waitomo Caves in New Zealand.

So when his wife, Patty and her friend Fran decided they wanted to take a trip to Las Vegas, Gary and Fran’s husband Bob went along happily, but with a different view in mind than the casino.

“I taught probability and statistics. I won’t put one penny in the machines! Bob and I wanted to do something adventurous instead so we chose a white water rafting tour on the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon,” Gary said.

It was a sure bet they’d find adventure there. Continue reading


Discovering who we are and where we want to go

Sky is the limit

“How did your audition go?” That was a question I overheard last week on the campus of Carnegie Mellon University as a group of students walked by. Moments later, as I approached the “Walking to the Sky” sculpture, it was another reminder that this life is a journey to discovering who we are and where we want to go.

This week, as I celebrate another birthday, I’m reflecting on the journey and a few of the lessons learned along the way: Continue reading

Volunteering: The benefits of connecting to a cause

PKD Cause blogWhat do you care about? What cause or issue moves you to want to affect change?

We tend to feel connections to causes in which we have been directly impacted.  Janet Bryner lost her husband to polycystic kidney disease (PKD) and is raising their four children who inherited it. She coordinates an annual charity walk to raise awareness and funds for PKD research so that her children, and others, can live fully and free of the disease.

It’s that feeling of emotional connectedness that inspires us to action – to make a difference. It turns out though, that there are benefits to volunteering. Here are five of them:

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