Month: September 2014

Comparing our lives to others

apple and orangeMy daughter and I went to an evening reception straight from working all day. We were dressed well – or so we thought. But as guests arrived in their best evening wear, we didn’t feel so well dressed anymore.

We didn’t blend in and we felt it. And that’s when it hit me. Why do we let others make us feel less than we are? Whether at an event or at home being inundated with images on social media, many people, it seems, have it all. It’s easy to start comparing our lives to others.

But this isn’t the whole picture. Continue reading


People Who Inspire: Brad Geyer on “The Little Theater That Could”

Brad on stage

In 2005, Brad Geyer, picked up the newspaper and read a story about a local theater company that was changing its name in an uphill struggle to survive.

Bearing the weight of upkeep and low attendance, the board of directors of Scottdale Showtime Theatre chose to take the venue back to its historic heritage to be called The Geyer Performing Arts Center.

“I didn’t know why my family name was attached to the theater, so I paid a visit to the manager, Tina, to find out,” said Brad. Continue reading

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