Month: December 2014

People Who Inspire: Chuck Hubbell on being Santa Claus

santa to try

When Chuck Hubbell was in high school and recited “Twas the Night Before Christmas” in class with surprising perfection, he found his voice. When he was 35 years old and began uttering, “Ho, Ho, Ho!”, he discovered a real joy deep within him. And 13 years later, when he tried the red suit on and it fit, he knew that he was indeed, Santa Claus.

It’s not a movie. This is the real life story of someone who grew up without really knowing about Christmas. Continue reading


10 first jobs and the lessons they taught

Waitress In Cafe Serving Customer With Coffee

Barbara Corcoran tried 22 jobs before she found the right career. That was the subject and title of a video interview she did with LinkedIn Executive Editor, Daniel Roth. But it was what she said about those jobs that served up some interesting conversation.

The ABC-TV Shark Tank star and co-founder of Corcoran Venture Partners shared that she learned more about how to be successful from the menial jobs she had than from being a real estate broker. Surely, Barbara wasn’t the only one that took away such career- impacting lessons from a first job. Was she? There was one way to find out. Continue reading

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