Month: January 2015

People Who Inspire: Dr. Tony DiGioia on Operation Walk Pittsburgh

When Dr. Tony DiGioia and his team of more than 60 volunteers travel to Honduras in June, they’ll take with them 8,000 pounds of medical supplies. But mostly what this group will bring is hope.

They are part of Operation Walk Pittsburgh – a non-profit he founded to provide free hip and knee replacement surgery to people with severe arthritis in developing countries as well as Western Pennsylvania.

This will be the group’s third trip to Honduras. Their reason for going is simple. The residents there don’t have access to the orthopaedic treatment they need. “In Central America, it is a walking society. If you can’t walk, you can’t participate in life,” said Tony. Continue reading


People Who Inspire: Tim Anderson on living life in perfect balance

Tim Anderson

When Tim Anderson picks up a stone in a creek, he’s like a symphony conductor picking up his baton. Something amazing is about to happen.

As the water rushes around him – one by one, he chooses his instruments. They are rocks of every shape and size. Each one is unique. Yet, they will all work together in perfect harmony. Continue reading

People Who Inspire: Dominick Domasky on the flip side of failure

Dominick Domasky photo to use

In 2005, Dominick Domasky was a 26 year old entrepreneur who was a half million dollars in debt. His restaurant went under, he was bankrupt and the law was after him for unpaid taxes – all while his wife was pregnant with their first child.

It wasn’t the best year of his life. Or was it?

That was the year Dominick turned failure upside down by choosing not to give up. He paid off his debts one at a time and he held on to the things no one could take from him – a positive attitude and the entrepreneurial spirit that he inherited from his father. Continue reading

17 “People Who Inspire” quotes to help you achieve your goals

Finger with resolution button of 2015

It’s been a bright year at In 2014, 15,000 visitors from 83 countries stopped by to find inspiration for life and motivation for success. Thank you for being part of this incredible journey.

Together, we’ve met some extraordinary “People Who Inspire” who have shown us how to rise above and to live life on purpose. I’ve taken a quote from each of their stories with the hope that they’ll inspire you to achieve your goals for 2015: Continue reading

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