Month: March 2015

People Who Inspire – Tim McClellan on becoming a designer, builder and story teller

tim-mcclellan-land-cruiser-944x447 Tim McClellan became a celebrity when he won the hearts of viewers on HGTV, a network that reaches 94 million households. His furniture design made him the winner of “Ellen’s Design Challenge”. It was the biggest moment of his life…until it was taken away.

Before we get to that, let’s go to where it all began.

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People Who Inspire – Hollywood Anderson on going from Homeless to Hollywood

Hollywood AndersonWhen American Idol contestant Hollywood Anderson came to New York three years ago, he was in search of the one thing he couldn’t find in his hometown of Orlando – fame.

Far from the tourist attractions that draw millions of people to the city each year, Hollywood was living a different life. “Growing up in downtown Orlando, life was rough. We lived in some bad neighborhoods with gang violence,” he commented.

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People Who Inspire – Joe Walko on a journey with grief


Joe Walko feature photoJoe Walko understands the pain of losing a loved one. His wife, Debbie, passed away nearly three years ago. Since then, he’s been on a journey filled with pain, confusion – and surprising hope.

An avid outdoorsman, Joe is on an uncharted path through the grieving process. Along the way, he’s guided by a quote from Dr. Rabbi Earl A. Grollman, “Grief shared is grief diminished.”

So he is writing. And sharing.

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