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Strong Teams: Lynn’s DQ managers are fans of being fit

Tammy Burkey’s #1 goal was to be more productive and confident. The General Manager of Lynn’s DQ Grill & Chill in Connellsville, PA, wanted to be healthy too. But at 150 pounds overweight, her blood pressure was on the rise and her lower back and hip were in pain. Her weight was taking its toll. And she wasn’t alone. Advertisements


People Who Inspire – Larry Orlando on making a lasting impression

Larry Orlando - New PhotoLarry Orlando has a knack for leaving an indelible impression. In fact, it’s fair to say the calligrapher and retired math teacher has mastered the art.

“Mr. O is the reason I am a teacher,” said Sean Kenney, a Geibel Catholic Jr/Sr High School 1987 alumnus.

He pushed me to strive for excellence and not settle for just being a “good” math student. Because of him, I did very well on my SATs and got into my dream college – Notre Dame.”

Reaching Each Student

A math teacher at Polytech High School in Delaware, Sean added, “I’m able to sense where a kid is having issues and help out. Mr. O was a master at that.” Continue reading


People Who Inspire – Tim McClellan on becoming a designer, builder and story teller

tim-mcclellan-land-cruiser-944x447 Tim McClellan became a celebrity when he won the hearts of viewers on HGTV, a network that reaches 94 million households. His furniture design made him the winner of “Ellen’s Design Challenge”. It was the biggest moment of his life…until it was taken away.

Before we get to that, let’s go to where it all began.

Continue reading

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