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Turning a New Year’s resolution into a goal

What’s better than making a New Year’s resolution? Making it a goal instead. “A resolution is a solution to a problem”. That’s what Dr. Caroline Cederquist, medical director for bistroMD and the Cederquist Medical Wellness Center shared in a CNN report. Breaking the word down, she said, “It’s ‘solution’, meaning you are solving a problem, with a prefix ‘re’, which…


How to reach your goals on the road less traveled

This week, I was driving over the mountain to a high school in Somerset County, PA to do a motivational, kick-off assembly for The Challenge Program, Inc. There were two ways I could go – the road less traveled or the road more traveled.  I thought civilization would be nice, so I chose the latter and set the GPS. “Betsy”,…


People who Inspire: Jim Protin on the most important job in America

  James E. Protin, Jr. may be a business strategist, but he’s really a teacher at heart. Just ask the 200 kids he’s coached in high school basketball, the elementary classes he recently spoke to, or his colleagues at the engineering firm where he works in Pittsburgh. “My dad planted that seed. He was a teacher and he coached every…


People who Inspire: John Robinson on a journey of hope

John Robinson was a registered nurse working in a skilled nursing facility in Massachusetts when something happened that would change his life and the direction of his career. “There was a patient who had no idea he was dying. His family did, but they were in denial and they weren’t there. He said to me one afternoon, ‘I’m not ready to…


The best fatherly advice from 10 people I met on a road trip

It may have been 50 years since Father Knows Best ran on network television, but the fatherly advice that actor, Robert Young gave endures today. It can come from grandfathers, uncles, mentors – even strangers. On a road trip to Detroit, Michigan, I met 10 people and I asked them to share with me the best advice their father or…


5 things a five year old can teach us about success


If you want to succeed, it’s good to know how to play by the rules. It’s also good sometimes to color outside of the lines. Five year old kids have got these mastered. So to find out more about what it takes to succeed, I sat down with an expert – my five year old niece, Sarah, who is the youngest of six children.

Here are the lessons she shared: Continue reading


The best motherly advice from 10 mall shoppers

This Mother’s Day, I was in search of people willing to share the best motherly advice they received. I knew the best place to talk to people who had moms on their mind this weekend was at the mall. So I went shopping. From the J.C. Penney’s handbag department, to the food court, to a bench outside of Macy’s, I…

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